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Whichever coaching package you choose, I’ll help you to grow and unlock a level of belief and self-confidence you thought impossible.

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Reframe + Refocus

You can’t solve a problem unless you know what’s causing it. Working closely together, we’ll get rid of all that brain fog, empowering you to make those positive changes and take control of your life.

During this two-month coaching series, you’ll learn to evaluate, challenge, and reframe negative thoughts, giving you more clarity so that you’ll be progressing and achieving your goals.

This shift in your mindset will help you refocus and see opportunities instead of obstacles. We’ll also locate and focus on new challenges using techniques that will help you build confidence.

By the end, you’ll have access to the tools and techniques to master not just your mental toolkit, but your personal and professional future.

Reflect + Redefine

This extended coaching package enables us to constantly evolve to your changing challenges and goals, which you will inevitably come across when faced with positive growth.

This six-month coaching series takes all the dynamic elements of Reframe + Refocus, then goes a step further by ensuring you are on a continual path of progress. We’ll be working together to overcome every obstacle and reap every reward.

Having ongoing support, accountability, and someone to trust and call on, long term has tremendous benefits to progress and confidence. Just ask the 80% of my clients who are still working with me after six months.

What’s a mental toolkit?

As we progress on your journey, I’ll show you how to build a set of mental skills to recognise, evaluate and overcome the obstacles in your way.

Everyone is different, so I will use my experience as a mens life coach to equip you with the right tools to take you further.

This method spans all my coaching sessions, so you won’t miss out.

Further Coaching
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