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I care about my clients and strive to deliver the best outcomes for them.

You’ll get more than just a coach.

 You’ll gain an advocate who’s in your corner and cheering you all the way.

Whatever your background, whatever your obstacles, whatever your aims, I’ll help you achieve success.

But don’t take my word for it. Hear what my clients have to say in their own words.

In their own words

“I have left behind negative thoughts which were plaguing my daily life and routine.”


Mindfulness Coach & Relationship Builder

I committed to an initial 4 weeks of coaching with Scott. In such a short time period it is really astonishing to reflect upon what progress we made.

I have left behind negative thoughts which were plaguing my daily life and routine. I am super excited to continue my journey with Scott.

I am far clearer about who I am and what I will have in my future. For someone on the fence about whether coaching is for them, I would put them in touch with Scott. I can guarantee they will enjoy the process and gain hugely from it.

“Since working with Scott, my confidence has grown massively and I believe in myself more than ever.”

Danny Townley

Business Owner – LinkedIn Banner Man

I’ve been working with Scott now for just over 2 months. What started off as an introductory chat lead me to being a full time client of his.

We got on so well from the word go. Scott’s not only a fantastic coach, he’s now a really good friend of mine too. My primary focus is to enjoy the ride of building a business whilst making good valuable time for my personal life too. Scott often reminds me of my capabilities, helps me see things clearly and really listens to everything I say with an open mind.

Since working with him, my confidence has grown massively, I believe in myself more than ever, and I’m much more disciplined with business and personal life. I believe everybody needs that go-to person to help them grow in the right direction, and for me it’s Scott.

I would highly recommend him to anyone. I always thought I could tackle things on my own. But guess what?? I was wrong.

“I wouldn’t have had anywhere near the level of success in the last 6 months if it weren’t for Scott’s help.”

Dan Moore

Commercial Photographer/Videographer and Lecturer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott for the last 6 months. The original aim was to have someone support me as I grew my business. I had recently stopped drinking and found this amazing new lease of life that I was keen to make the most of!

In the space of a few months, my business grew rapidly. It was great to have someone to talk to every week who was an external source of inspiration as well as someone to keep me accountable to my goals.

I’m not bullshitting when I say, I wouldn’t have had anywhere near the level of success in the last 6 months if it weren’t for Scott’s help.

Separate to Scott’s help in achieving my business goals and improving my mindset, I also had a period of pretty bad health anxiety. Scott also helped me come through this time and helped in my healing. I’m now back to being an ass kicking, creative entrepreneur with zero compromise and more confidence in myself and my abilities as well as epic goals for the future.

For real. If you are an business owner and want to push yourself to your real potential and be more successful in life and work, I highly recommend you book regular coaching with Scott. We’ve since become good friends and I look forward to our coaching sessions which are now on a fortnightly basis.

“I 100% believe that I am successful and that is because of Scott’s techniques.”

Charlie Bonnefond-White

Freelance Social Media Specialist

When I started working with Scott, I had just been made redundant and was considering going self employed but had no idea where to start.

I thought there was very little chance that I would be successful, but I wanted to give it a go anyway. With that belief which Scott helped me reframe, I’m not surprised I wasn’t going anywhere but when Scott started reframing with me, my mindset pretty much changed instantly!

The way I think now is so much more positive and optimistic which is driving me to chase my goals…goals that Scott helped me set! I 100% believe that I am successful and that is because of Scott’s techniques.

It has made such a massive difference to my life!

“Since working with Scott my business has excelled.”

Russell Killner

Estate Agency Owner

If you are looking for someone to coach you and work on your mindset so your business and life levels up, Scott is the person to touch base with.

Since working with Scott my business has excelled and my day to day challenges have become much easier using his processes and techniques. I would highly recommend Scott.

He has a personal approach and is a brilliant coach to work with.

“I now have a clear vision of the future and the confidence to turn that vision into reality.”

Giles Watling

Freelance Copywriter

I was apprehensive about hiring a confidence and progress coach. Asking for help made it feel like I’d let myself down somehow – because I’d been unable to break down the barriers holding me back on my own.

After just an hour with Scott, it became clear I’d made the right move. His relaxed approach helped me feel comfortable answering what I’d thought would be difficult questions. Scott has given me a mental toolkit I can use to recognise, rationalise and remove negative thoughts that might otherwise have stopped me achieving my personal and professional goals. And it’s something I can keep and use forever.

It’s my last session this Friday – and although I’ll miss my weekly calls, I now have a clear vision of the future and the confidence to turn that vision into reality. I couldn’t recommend Scott enough.

He genuinely cares and the time you invest with him will repay itself tenfold.

“Scott has shown me many techniques to deal with my personal issues.”

Oliver Field


Working with Scott has completely changed my life for the better. In fact as I write this I have had time to reflect on just how much change I have managed to achieve since working with Scott, its amazing. Scott has shown me that a lot of my issues weer due to an abusive childhood. As a child I was told over and over again that I wasn’t good enough.

Scott has shown me many techniques to deal with my personal issues and this us where Scott has differed from the help I have had in the past, Scott has informed me of ho much I have changed but most of all my family. They have seen a man that is more positive, more resilient, more understanding, confident and full of opportunity.

“I’ve become more outspoken and less afraid to say what’s on my mind.”

Greg Henley


I’d become frustrated and disillusioned with a few things in life with no idea of what to do next. After working with Scott I feel more positive about these things. I have a mindset of ‘I can do this well, because I deserve to’ which is something I could’ve said six weeks ago! I’ve also become more outspoke and less afraid to say what’s on my mind, seeing possibilities where I used to see barriers.

Andrew Heathcote

Business Owner

Chris Kehoe


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