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Goal Setting The Right Way For Growth

By October 1, 2021February 3rd, 2022No Comments

You have made decisions that have worked and some that haven’t and this is great because both of these experiences have given you an opportunity for growth.

In fact, the growth has more than likely been greater from things not going as planned.

However, that ‘big’ goal you set yourself still feels too far away and you can’t seem to kick on and find the motivation to keep pushing. It happens!

It could be down to a number of life factors and that’s ok, in fact it’s more than ok.

In this article I’m going to briefly talk about a way we can create a goal so powerful that nothing will stop us from achieving it.

I remember sitting with a client of mine and we were discussing his goals and he mentioned that one of his goals was, and I quote, “be the best dad he could be”.

It was clear he really did want this goal but I wanted to go deeper.

We dived a little deeper…

I asked him if he was achieving this currently and if he felt his action steps were inline with that goal. His response, “I think so, I’m doing what I can, it’s hard and I suppose I could do more.”

This is great but we could tell together that he wasn’t hugely inspired and essentially there was more he could do. He loved his son unconditionally, of course, but there was more he wanted to do and could do.

We didn’t let this go because we noticed how important this was to him.

It’s easy enough for a coach to go ahead and say “right, so what shall we do and what steps can we take next for this to happen.”

We didn’t do that…

We dived deeper, we went into the basement and we dug deep to find out WHY. Why did he want to achieve this goal, why is it even a goal in the first place and what’s his reason for it taking up so much of his mental energy.

That’s when we discovered his core reason; something so powerful that it inspires him every single day.

His core reason why: “To give my son the opportunities that I never had growing up as a child.”

This was all that was needed to create a huge shift in how he approached his goal. It become so powerful, nothing would stop him.

Months later, we are still coaching together and I can assure you he is being the best dad he can and wants to be.

This has had a direct impact to the success of his business and other areas of his life.

Try this…

Now what a crap coach I would be if I didn’t share a way you can do this yourself.

  1. Spend 5 minutes thinking about your goals.
  2. Pick a goal that is a priority of yours.
  3. Answer these questions:
  • What do you believe you will receive by achieving this goal?
  • How will it feel?
  • What will happen if you don’t achieve this goal?
  • What does achieving this goal mean to you?
  • Why, why, why?

So, go ahead and create a goal, knowing your core reason, that is so powerful nothing will stop you and watch what you do next.

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