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How I Keep Energy Levels High

By August 23, 2021February 3rd, 2022No Comments

Let’s keep it simple this week.

Why do so many of us refuse to implement the things that help us increase our energy levels?

We all know the importance of having and keeping our energy levels up.

It helps us maintain our productivity and keeps us on that upward curve of success, as well as:

  • Boosting confidence
  • Improved focus
  • Better decision making
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved sex life

I could go on and I’m sure this isn’t news to you.

I’m talking about myself as well. I’m good at doing the right things, most of the time, however I have moments where I have to check in with myself and re-establish what I must and more importantly want to do for an improved quality of life.

I’m going to give my 5 go to ways for increasing energy levels and keeping them high.

1. Establish what habits drain you of your energy.

It’s going to take you to be pretty brutal with yourself but it’ll be worth it. For me, I know that social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook, drain me of energy and I’ve been aware of this a long while now. Did I do anything about it? Not really. Have I now? Yes and I can promise you I am a whole lot more energised and productive than I was before.

Finding out what drains us of energy is essentially giving us an opportunity to recognise what those things are and do something about them.

2. Work hard.

Tony Robbins, a hugely successful coach in the United States said this and it really hit a nerve with me. “If you’re not happy, you’re not growing.”. In order to grow though we need to take action and we have to want to work hard. Happy = more energised and energised = increased happiness.

A great example from my point of view is when I go out into the garden and do something ‘manly’. I tend to sit a lot at a desk when I’m not exercising, however as soon as I get out there and work hard the energy this gives me is huge. For sure, I’m tired but that’s OK because I’m energised. There’s a difference.

3. Open a window.

This may sound strange but getting a flow of air through whatever building you’re in is vital. As well as paying attention to the temperatures we are exposed to. If I’m too hot, I feel lethargic and too cold I’m pissed off.

Since opening up a window in my office and getting some air flow in the room, I have noticed I am much more focused and awake. A small surprising change.

4. Exercise and nutrition.

Of course, you were waiting for this one and that’s because it’s necessary. We are given one body and a high percentage of people treat it like they’ve got another. However, how can it be expected to last and supply our brain with the oxygen it needs to be at peak performance when we can’t even get outside to go for a walk to the shop instead of drive.

For many it’s about not having the time, right? It’s not about time, time is the same all the time. It’s doesn’t come down to time management but instead self management.

For me, I schedule in when I am going to exercise and I have an idea of what I’m going to eat, sometimes I prep. It’s a ball ache at times but it’s now a habit that fills me with energy because I know what it does for me. It releases ‘happy’ hormones and I feel stronger, fitter and more confident. Therefore, I have more energy.

5. Sleep well.

Notice I didn’t say sleep more. Some of us don’t need a ton of sleep. Personally, I like to have 6-8 hours and if I don’t I’m groggy!

What’s important is to have a reasonably regular bed time and a consistent wake up time. Sleep has begun to fascinate me and I’ve diving in to the benefits more each day. I could write more but I’ll leave it for another blog post soon. For now, I can honestly say that having a regular wake up time for me and my clients, if nothing else, has led to consistency that carries over into the rest of our lives, whether business or relationships.

If I’m consistent in my wake up time, it starts the day off to a win. This fills me with energy and this is something my clients have reported back to me too.

They are my go to ways for raising and maintaining energy levels to get more from ourselves.

Something you can tag on to this is looking to keep an energy log. Design it as you want. It can be written or it can be an ‘out of 10’ approach. Logging when, where and what has affected energy levels is a good way to catch things to keep doing and things to remove from our lives.

Fundamentally, reading this is all well and good but unless we take action and try some of these things, then nothing will change.

So, go ahead and pick one or two, put some energy into them and see what happens.

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Have a great day.